Delivery Modes


The primary mode for Lighting Education Institute programs is direct contact in the form of short courses (1-5 days), seminars, workshops, or evening classes.  Hands-on learning through demonstrations, in-class exercises, critiques, and site visits is generally a hallmark of this type of program.

Video Conferencing

Video ConferencingVideo-conferencing involves face-to-face learning, but allows for geographical separation.  Using video transmitted through dedicated telephone lines, this type of learning is fully interactive in that participants can both see and directly communicate with the instructor and other participants.  Many sites are now available in the U.S. and abroad, allowing for learning at multiple locations and multiple sites simultaneously.


Learning is conducted exclusively on-line.  Either through web-conferencing or independent of time or place, these types of programs offer participants a great deal of flexibility and requie only a computer and Internet connection.  Designed interaction between the instructor and students is a feature of Lighting Education Institute programs using this mode, in contrast to many web-based courses.

Combined Delivery

Often the most effective learning is accomplished through multiple delivery modes.  Courses or programs can be introduced in a face-to-face mode, extended study can occur through video-conferencing or the Internet, and a culminating session can again be held in face-to-face mode.